• Quick, fun course that will grow your confidence in a lasting way 

  • Supportive and non judgemental people who feel the same as you.

  • Designed for those of us who may be suffering with shyness, low confidence, low self esteem

  • Building your own inner, authentic core confidence

  • Techniques that you can practice and use straight away. 

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About Us

We are very excited to announce that we have a new Acting Tutor on board for this season,  Andrew Rowe

Andrew has been acting professionally for the past 10 years and has performed nationally from fringe venues to west end stages. Over the years Andrew has performed in numerous commercials and  web-series.

Andrew is dedicated to his craft, and takes an approach that is light hearted and fun , yet very focused on helping those he works with achieve the desired result.  

Andrew has been coaching actors for the past 4 years, having worked with a range of ages and abilities. He prides himself on his ability to use a sense of play to find breakthrough moments. He believes that the most important aspect to confidence is the ability to not take oneself seriously, and this can be seen through his teaching. 

Having coached many people with great success Andrew uses his experience and understanding as well his intuition to gain fast, lasting results.

Andrew is very excited to be joining Acting for Confidence, and is looking forward to helping you all grow into the confidence you are looking for. 

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Scott Mooney

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Scott has been passionate about finding the causes of his own and other people's confidence and self-esteem issues for over 6 years now. 

His journey has been both challenging and enlightening and is not by any means over yet.

Through this time Scott qualified as a life coach with one of the world's leading coaching schools and began helping people with their own self-esteem and confidence issues and noticed just how much a lack of confidence and low self-esteem affects all areas, including the overall quality of our life. 

While on a journey to discover who he was, Scott tried many things to find out who he was at his deepest level. One of those things was acting, he took a few acting lessons and found that he really enjoyed the process, but because of confidence issues he gave up on it and it was this that a couple of years later brought him to the realisation that although the skills of acting are fundamentally the building blocks of confidence,  they lack the link to the real world that would help people not just perform well on a stage, but perform well on the stage of their own life. 

And so, Acting for Confidence was born. 

Now with this new opportunity to achieve confidence, Scott is combining several different methodologies of acting with different confidence methodologies and tools to bring you the most effective, quick and fun way to achieve the confidence you are looking for in your life..

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Andrew Rowe

This is for you
  • You want to overcome your shyness

  • You want to communicate better with others

  • You want to laugh and enjoy life more

  • You want to find you voice and learn to speak up

  • You want to feel and know your own innate self worth

  • You want to break out of your 'shell' 

  • You want to have more success in your life 

  • You want to stop being afraid 

  • You want to be able to express yourself without guilt or shame

  • You want to stop feeling so stuck 

Why Acting?

We all have a right to feel confident, to live a life that fulfills us and has a positive impact on those we love and the people around us.

Acting is one of the best ways we can learn to feel great about ourselves, great about life and fully empowered to go and create amazing things in this world.

Acting is one of the most transformative crafts that a human can undertake, it allows us to explore ourselves, to reach into depths uncharted, to find and pull reserves from ourselves we didn’t know we had. It teaches us resilience, courage, tenacity, trust and the benefit of working as a team.

Acting skills are the skills of life, they encompass the fundamental building blocks of a purposeful, joyful life as a human. Encouraging us towards mastery of the mind, the emotion, the body, and the spirit.

Why is acting for confidence for you?

We are all actors, most of us are acting in the wrong play, with the wrong script, replaying scenes still don’t work in our movie. I believe we can find within us the writer that truly knows us and the director that is compassionate to our story and the producer that will cast us to the role we were born for.


Acting for confidence is about being cast in the role of your lifetime and having the belief, courage, and confidence to live it.


Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have

Brian Tracy


Working together, growing immeasurably

Over 8 classes of 2 hours each, you'll be learning all the skills of acting with a principle core of learning to be a more confident person.

All the skills you learn will not only teach you to be a great actor but also help you to be more confident in your daily life.

Week on week you will be building the confidence you desire.


Acting For Confidence provides a new opportunity of learning.

Creating an environment to nurture and encourage individuals to achieve the highest level of confidence and acting ability 

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What can this course help you with?
  • Social Anxiety

  • Workplace inferiority

  • Relationship communication

  • Self Expression

  • Success Orientation

  • Dating Confidence 


Each week we will focus on different acting disciplines that will build your confidence. 

mental strengths that help you to create and build characters, improvise, read and memorize scripts.

Vocal training, helping with projection, tonality, range, depth, quality and your breath. 

Physical confidence, expression of movement, gestures, conditioning & posture. 

All these things affect your day to day moods, feelings and confidence, they work with each other.

Learning to affect any one of these things can have amazing effects on your mental, physical and spiritual health, giving your self-esteem, self-belief, and confidence much needed boosts

Forget what you thought it took to be confident before.

This is a new opportunity to learn together in a supportive, unique and fun way.

Casting you in the right role for your life


Confidence comes from the habitual actions we take, the more we can practice these actions in a  safe and supportive place, the more confident we become

Scott Mooney




If you feel stressed, worried or anxious or if you are too often fearful, afraid of people judging you or embarrassed to do the things you want to. Acting For Confidence will help you to be more courageous, feel happier, increase your social skills and believe in yourself! All the things you need to create the very best life for yourself

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Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her

Lao Tzu

Free session in Staines this April 

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You deserve to live the best and most empowered life you are able to, 
Feeling more confident will help you to find more happiness in your life and if you are finding more happiness you will be creating and spreading the happiness and confidence you have found within yourself to all those around you.

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We are all actors, most of us are acting in the wrong play, with the wrong script, replaying scenes that still don’t work in our movie. I believe we can find within us the writer that truly knows us, the director that is compassionate to our story and the producer that will cast us to the role we were born for.

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The Role Of Your Life Time

Confidence building in a fun safe and supporting atmosphere.

Offering you a new opportunity to improve your Social, Work and Relationship confidence all while learning Acting Skills  in a light hearted, easy going and fun way.